Yate – Nature

Mt. Dore – Plum – Prony – La Fausse Yate : is a nice street, full of holes, so the speed is very slow and the trip from Noumea to Yate is around 3 hours.

Jeep Trip to Yate

The southern forest are short (3 meters max) , very dry and very hot. We crossed around 6-7 small rivers, near the rivers there are higher trees. Inside the water is possible to see fishes, so are not seasonal rivers. 

From Dore to Prony
Rivers around Prony
Prony to Yate


All around , everywhere, there is a nice red soil. When it rains, rivers become orange like fruit juice. Arriving to La fausse near Yate the vegetation changes, but i was not lucky , was raining so much so i could not take great photoes or walk around.

A bridge around Prony

We were so unlucky. we got 3 days of rain, jet lag and an intestinal virus due to the welcome cocktail. Not a good stay in the Kanua Tera Lodge. All around i found several species of animals, some Bavaya, some other lizards. Around the lodge there is a nice forest, very deep, dirty and untouched.

Around the Reserve naturelle de la Foret Nord
Around Lodge
On the street for the lodge
High trees on the street
To the lodge


Reaching the Lake of Yate the vegetation becomes higher, there are some spots where is untouched and very natural.


Lake Yate
Around Lake
La fausse Yate

Some parts are very natural, some small valleys are untouched. Nice trees, tall. Nice habitats. Emotionals. 😉



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