The “most wanted ” between Leachianus. With a size from 300 to 400 grams, a very long tail and nose and a colour from deep green to jet black these animals are one of the less patterned animals of the Grande Terre. Often are angry animals that bite easily and with no hesitation if disturbed. Very territorial , are used to be very irritable. Do not disturb them , specially at night !


Couple 1

  DiabloxDaisy (female)  and GrandPa son (male).

Baby, the darkest ever hatched.
Baby Poindimie, showing the pattern of the parents.
2 y old subadult


Couple  Black X Green

Black x Green Female and Black male




Couple 3 DiabloxDaisy (DxD)


Couple 4 DiabloxDaisy (DxD)

Black DxD x Black DxD


Couple 5 DiabloxDaisy (DxD)

Black DxD x Black DxD