Koghis Troeger


Mt. Koghis Troeger are fantastic. These animals, if well fed, can reach easily 300 grams and arrive up to 400. They do not become very fat\heavy but they are massive, with big heads but never obese. I have several couples of Koghis.  I can switch between this animals to be able to select characters as size, colour, pattern, background colour, size…

Couple 1

Top quality selection, these 2 animals has a total lack of white bars on the back. The male is from Canada. Unfortunately the female, from Germany, was not photographed as hatchling. Could be melanistic or bring the gene ? we will see….

Couple 2

Another reduced pattern Koghis Troeger line. Male touched the limit of 402 grams. His head is very big, a classic Troeger “old style”. Female currently  is around 330 grams.

Couple 3

Another Koghis Troeger Line, from Germany,  Sakraskinsky Line.

Couple 4

Another high end couple with a small amount of white bars.


Young Troegers show a period when , if present, they have a lot of white bars. Usually after 5 or 6 years the white tend to vanish or be covered , becomes darker. This is a young animal about 5 y old and the colour was much more brighter as young.