Yate x Ana PDV

Why mixing locales ? I am not a lover of locality mixes. I do not think that mixes  will be the future.  I would prefer pure localities but i understand that many can be interested in large sized and nice coloured Leachianus. YatexAna is a mix of a Grande Terre leachianus coming from Yate region that is the heaviest pure locality and Nuu Ana, an insular locality well known for its colours. Together they produce very big animals with a lot of pattern, calm animals that can reach easily 300 grams maintaining the high pattern and sometimes they become pinkish.  These animals have no scientific value, are just a pleasure for the eyes.

(Produced in 2009  by Philippe De Vosjoli)



Currently i’m keeping 4 or 5 animals of this “pastel” line.  Colours are soft , like a paint.  I want to establish 2 or 3 couples from this line, because are really too beautiful and big.