Koghis Troeger


Mt. Koghis Troeger are fantastic. These animals, if well fed, can reach easily 300 grams and arrive up to 400. They do not become very fat\heavy but they are massive, with big heads but never obese. I have several couples of Koghis.  I can switch between this animals to be able to select characters as size, colour, pattern, background colour, size…


Couple 1

Male M2 , Canadian line
Female F3



Couple 2

Male M1 , reached 401 grams in his best moment. 
Female F2 , over 320 grams



Couple 3

Another Koghis Troeger Line, from Germany.

Koghis Troeger Male Sak
Koghis Troeger Female Sak






Baby 2016 Troeger Hatchling
Baby 2016, Troeger Line Dark Morph