Koghis Melanistic

Koghis Melanistic is one of the best looking leachianus available at the moment on the market. Very rare.  Few data are available about these animals, unclear are the origins, unclear is the why they born completely black, unknown are the % of melanistic out a melanistic couple and unknown is why sometimes from koghis non melanistic hatch a melanistic one.

I’ve been so lucky this year to hatch 2 melanistic babies out of 4 eggs from a non visually het melanistic pair.

Currently i keep 2 lines of Koghis for melanism.  One is visually non melanistic, both parents are not melanistic  and from this couple i got 50% of mel  babies. From the second, that is made of a melanistic male and a non melanistic visual female i hatched 50% melanistic visual ones.

Baby Koghis hatchlings
2019 baby koghis mel. 1 day old !


I was lucky to be able to get a melanistic male too, adult, from Uk. As i have several females i hope to be able to produce more next years.


Male Melanistic 1
Female Het-mel 1



Male Het-mel 2
Female Het-mel 2


Some babies Koghis Mel 2018


Melanistic 2018 n’1      2 months old
Melanistic 2018 n’1 ,  12 months



Melanistic 2018 n’2 2 months old



Mel 3 2018 , not produced by me but traded


MEL 4 and 5

mel 4 and 5 , 1 day old