Koghis Melanistic


Koghis Melanistic is one of the best looking leachianus available at the moment on the market.



Few data are available about these animals, unclear are the origins, unclear is the why they born completely black, unknown are the % of melanistic out a melanistic couple and unknown is why sometimes from koghis non melanistic hatch a melanistic one.

I’ve been so lucky this year to hatch 2 melanistic babies out of 4 eggs from a non visually het melanistic pair.

Currently i keep 2 lines of Koghis for melanism.  One is visually non melanistic, both parents are not melanistic  and from this couple i got 50% of mel  babies. From the second, that is made of a melanistic male and a non melanistic visual female i hatched 50% melanistic visual ones.

Baby Koghis hatchlings
2019 baby koghis mel. 1 day old !


I was lucky to be able to get a melanistic male too, adult, from Uk. As i have several females i hope to be able to produce more next years.



Couple 1 , Melanistic x Het Melanistic

Male Melanistic 1
Female Het-mel 1


Couple 2 , Het Melanistic x Het Melanistic

Male Het-mel 2


male, fired up
Female Het-mel 2



I’m keeping photo records about melanistic babies to understand how they develop, how they show colours growing from babies to adult.

Mel #001

Melanistic 2018 n’1      2 months old
Melanistic 2018 n’1 ,  12 months


MEL #002

Melanistic 2018 n’2 2 months old
Melanistic 2018 n’2 , 12 months old



MEL #003

Mel 3 2018 , not produced by me but traded
Mel 003 unfired. You can see some purple spots on this geckos



MEL #004 and #005

mel 4 and 5 , 1 day old


What is a Melanistic Leachianus ?

My personal definition of melanistic leachianus (Koghis Friedel line) is a gecko that hatch “Jet black” and is visually different from every other Dark Morph :  i’ve hatched to date about 20 poindimie black line and 30 Yate of different line but they hatch BLOTCHED, dark, very dark but BLOTCHED. Melanistic don’t. Neither normal koghis of Friedel or Troeger lines.

Another character you can see in melanistic animals it the yellow line between eyes and nostrils . Poindimie, Yate, Koghis do not have that yellow line.

Growing, melanistic animals have bars, but they seems to lack white pigment. So they HAVE bars , dots, stripes but few to no white. Stripes seems “dirty”. Or , if you are lucky, coloured.



Lot of people ask me about % in melanistic leachianus. I really do not know. I had clutches where no one was melanistic, i had clutches where both were melanistic. So the range is from 0% to 100%. Trying to put it on a larger scale  i can tell that the percentage of melanistic i could hatch is not as high as wanted. I have not a couple MELxMEL , so speaking about MelxHet i could tell you that we could be near to a 50% while  HetxHet gives 25% melanistic babies.

What’s the difference between melanistic and het melanistic ?

I can show you with some shots.  Easier.


Are melanistic 24h/24h   7/7 days   black ?

NO. They are not snakes. Remember that this animals in their country of origin are called “chameleon” (chamaleon) , because they change colours and are so much mimetic.  Melanistic can be fired or unfired too, so they can be very dark if fired to pale grey if unfired.

Mel , Fired
Mel , Unfired

Are melanistic completely black ?

NO. They still have stripes. Mixing a malenistic to a poindime DxD could bring to a very dark animal.  Sure an interesting future project.